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The new 2024 year is the time for the Summer Olympic Games to be held in Paris, France. Sure, the Ugandan team is going to participate and confirm their status as one of the strongest athletics nations. Their major rivals here are Kenya and Ethiopia. The whole agitation is growing each day as the team prepares for the competitions. The same can be said about the local sports betting punters.

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Olympics 2024: Place, Specifics, Expectations

Olympics 2024: Place, Specifics, Expectations

The coin toss decided the fate of the 2024 Summer Olympics. So, this year, the games are planned to take place in beautiful Paris from the 26th of July to the 11th of August. In 1950, the Uganda government created the National Olympic Committee. However, one of the main specifics of this country is that it never takes part in the Winter Olympic Games, so it performs exclusively in every summer game except for the 1976 boycott year. However, here is more about its participation in the following part.

History of Uganda Participation

Uganda first took part in the Olympic Games in 1956. There were some games that did not bring any success to the team; however, in 1968, in Mexican City, Uganda gained its first silver medal, which was achieved by a boxer. Since then, the number of trophies has constantly changed from growth to recession. Thus, its long participation has determined the most and the least successful sports for Uganda.

That was a great start that brought more silver, bronze, and even a couple of gold medals brought by other athletes, runners, boxers, etc. In recent times, long-distance runners earned a full set of medals for Uganda and marked themselves as serious rivals for other African participants.

Set of Sport Disciplines

The usual set of disciplines contains 32 sports. It is not obligatory to participate in all of them. So, every country needs to pass the qualification selection before they can join any of the disciplines.

So far, Uganda is registered to take part in the Paris 2024 event in all athletics, rugby, and other sports. However, it is not qualifying for all these disciplines; its major sports are all booked. 

Prognosis and Rumors, News

There was a note in the latest news that Uganda is targeting more gold medals in this sporting event. Their last score in Tokyo was only four of various values. Also, the country hopes to bring more athletes, about 33 to be precise, which is bigger than the last event.

Ugandan Team: Sports, Set of Sportsmen, Features

Ugandan Team: Sports, Set of Sportsmen, Features

One of the key aspects of a country’s success is its players and athletes. Every such event requires much time and effort to choose the best among the best and prepare them for the Olympics. The current team, Uganda, is yet to be selected, although there are some notable players from the previous Games you would prefer to learn about.

Team Members: A Closer Look

Uganda has made all the required efforts to make a rigorous selection of sportsmen for their national team. The latest news tells us that the current Olympic team for Uganda is yet to be selected. The Uganda news about the Olympics preparations are on, so you should follow.

However, Uganda already has its young and tried stars who will preferably be chosen for this year’s Olympics. Here are the names you should remember if you are going to place one or more bets:

  • Kathleen Grace Noble
  • Arnold Omony
  • Jacob Kiplimo
  • Joshua Cheptegei etc.

Currently, the list is going to be formed as the teams are going through the training period. So, keep an eye on the upcoming news about the final set of the team. This initial selection of athletes is made based on international ranking, their rewards, and success during local tournaments and cross-country championships.

Strong and Weak Sides

This marathon squad has its strong and weak points. Previous Olympics confirmed that Team Uganda has many chances to succeed in grass hockey, boxing, rugby, swimming, athletics, cycling, and rowing. Here is the list of strongest points that Team Uganda has:

  • The team has strong and proven members who showed impressive results during local tournaments.
  • They claim they have no fear.
  • The history of their victories is very impressive, starting from the fastest-running athlete in the 1960s.

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Prognosis for Ugandan Sportsmen

Prognosis for Ugandan Sportsmen

It is a bit early to build any strategies, but some experts consider Team Uganda to be one of the favorites in rugby and track-and-field athletics disciplines. Sure, their competitors are very savvy and talented, but Uganda has proved its running athletes as one of the fastest. If you observe the history of Ugandan participation in the Olympics, you might notice that its leading position in the athletics leaders’ board is certain. 

Major Sports

Major Sports

Uganda is best known for being one of the fastest-running teams in all the championships. However, as previously mentioned, over the years, it has earned medals in different disciplines, such as boxing, athletics, cycling, etc. For now, it is currently difficult to establish what the dominating sports types Team Uganda is successful in besides athletics.

So you get a bit of history of every popular and performed sport in the Olympics. Let’s have a look at each of them to get a better picture and learn some of the eminent names. Keep reading to learn more about the upcoming event 2024.

Track-and-Field Athletics

Ugandans are some of the fastest runners, along with Ethiopian and Kenyan sportsmen. Currently, Uganda sportsmen may not be the best, but their devoted fans may see that their skills are getting better every time. The first sportsman to win the 400-meter hurdles in 1972 was John Akii-Bua. Ever since that day, the highest number of medals won in this sport was exclusively in this sport.

It is an interesting fact that Uganda has Ethiopia and Kenya as their sports rivals in the discipline. The competition is tremendously hot and dynamic between the athletes, so many locals prefer to support this sport and even bet on it on many reliable bookmaker online platforms.


Rowing requires a solid and trained team, as any other sport. One of the brilliant athletes here is Kathleen Grace Noble, a girl of both Irish and Ugandan descent who performs for the Ugandan team. She is currently 29 years old, and her first Games were in Tokyo in 2020. Besides the knowledge that she is a talented rower, she is also an excellent swimmer who is also performing for Uganda. She took her victory from a Kenyan rower in the 2020 Tokyo Games.


This discipline usually has a strong and loyal fan base. The first cyclists appeared and took part in the Olympics in Los Angeles in 1984. Today, many athletes have a wonderful opportunity to prepare for the Games in Kampala cycling school. Sportsmen are trained by one of the veterans of this sport – Yusufu Mbazira. In the future, Ugandan athletes will probably be worth considering as potential winners.


It is the second most popular sport in Uganda and is famous for its team, ‘The Bombers.’ They had a blast during their performance in Cameroon in 2023. However, rumors have it that, for the first time in 67 years, the team has failed to qualify for the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The previous Games were very fruitful for the team, and they were awarded 2 silver medals, brought to Eridadi Mukwanga, and later, 4 bronze medals. Such a powerful start looks promising, and there is hope that they will be qualified for the following Olympics to show real power in the ring.

Latest Records for the Team

Latest Records for the Team

Here, you can find out how many medals and what records the team members have set during previous games. To be honest, there are not many records yet, but they are developing their athletes fast, so among the competing African countries, it can be one of the best very soon.

However, the most notable records were set by the famous Ugandan swimmer and rower Kathleen Grace Noble. Her first national record happened in 2020 when she finished her race in 8 hours 21 seconds. Back in the day, Ugandan runner John Akii-Bua ran a 400-meter distance in 48 seconds and was the only person who had ever done it.

Number of Medals

One of the most successful Games for Uganda was in 2008 in Beijing, China, where the team earned 4 medals in total. Later, in 2012 and 2016, Uganda managed to win 13 medals for the whole participation period. Each year, the preparations are more intensive, so if you are interested in the team’s growing potential every year, you can check the latest news about Team Uganda and make sure this is an excellent set of athletes.

Prevailing Sports

Despite the country’s major love of soccer, tennis, and basketball, Ugandans prevail in rugby, cycling, and athletics. Although the Ugandan team has only 4 gold medals, the sportsmen were rewarded quite often in athletics. If we do some research on the Summer Olympic games, we can notice that this sport was the most victorious, and later, Uganda added boxing and more sports each year.



Summing up all the news, facts and information you read here, it is worth mentioning that Team Uganda currently has its full potential yet to be discovered. If you are a sports bettor or simply a reader interested in more news and materials devoted to the upcoming games, you should know your heroes.

Separate athletes from Uganda are very promising and young; it only indicates their future positive development and definitely is worth your attention. This information is especially useful for active punters who never miss a chance to place their most successful bet.

The Ugandan national team has put in much effort in training and enhancement, and the fact that since time, it has gradually developed more sports confirmed the fact that Ugandan athletes will be as strong as Kenyan sportsmen pretty quickly. Who knows, maybe they will be interested in developing some winter sports and have opportunities to take part in the Winter Olympics.


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